You can come to Radom because of different aspirations: business, tourism, researches, to visit a family or to take part in a cultural event or conference. Everyone who intends to spend a night or several nights in this city is looking for comfortable accommodation. Usually the choice falls on the hotel. Radom has a lot of various offers and Europejski Boutique Hotel is located in the centre of the city.



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There are many hotels in every major city - Radom is not an exception. However, in the midst of a lot of Radom hotels, Boutique hotel stands out significantly. It is not only a perfectly located hotel, but also an exceptionally well-kept and offering the highest standards. In our hotel you will find:

  • comfortable single and double rooms (twin or double bed), stylishly and modernly furnished and equipped with TV, comfortable wardrobe and private bathroom; the rooms have access to cable TV and wifi;

  • luxurious, spacious apartment (suite) consisting two bedrooms, living room with kitchen, cabinet, wardrobe room and two bathrooms;

  • conference rooms are perfect for organising business meetings, shows, conferences or presentations; equipped with multimedia projectors, LCD TVs and other practical equipment, decorated with elegance;

  • hotel restaurant serving the best dishes of European cuisine; in the restaurant you have a possibility to organise a dinner party, banquets and various celebrations;

  • recreation centre, where you can use the gym or sauna.



Hotel in the heart of Radom? Europejski Boutique Hotel!


The location of our hotel in the centre of Radom is its great asset. You can easily get from here to the most famous places in the city. If you would like to get to know Radom better, you can take a walk along the most popular streets of the city. Only three minutes walk away from the hotel you can find the main promenade - Żeromskiego Street. The main monuments of the city, as well as shopping facilities (shops, malls, boutiques), recreation and entertainment facilities (cinemas, theatres, sports facilities) are within a few minutes on food. Our hotel is located in the centre of all important events in Radom.


Undoubtedly, among the all hotels in Radom we are distinguished by the high standard of service for all guests - both for hotel Guests, as well as customers who use our conference rooms or restaurant visitors. We have carried out a lot of different events, conferences, presentations and parties, so we encourage all of you to contact with us if you would like to organise:

  • weddings;

  • christening party, birthday party, anniversary party or other family celebration;

  • a business or scientific conference, an exhibition, show, vernissage or other artistic or cultural event;

  • business meeting, banquet or company integration event.


Our experience, professional approach to customers and their requirements, as well as excellent conditions at our disposal, make us unrivalled among of all hotels in Radom, and our Guests willingly come back to us.

The Europejski Boutique Hotel cordially invites everyone who would like to organise a party or event to contact with us - we will be happy to explicate you all the details of our offer. It is possible to book conference rooms via our website. We propose to all Guests who would like to use our accommodation offer to familiarise themselves with the rooms availability in our hotel. We are also invite you for seeing our photo gallery, thanks to which you can get to know the whole object better.