Cold Starters
Polish beef tartare served with pickled onion and smoked egg yolk 50 PLN
Classic salad (lettuce, grilled chicken, tomatoes, olives, croutons, honey-mustard sauce) or self-composed salad (lettuces, fresh vegetables, feta, camembert, salmon, dried tomatoes) 40 PLN
Mazovian farmhouse cheese platter, long-aged cheeses, blue cheeses, blueberries, nuts 50 PLN
Hot Starters
Baked pepper from local suppliers stuffed with millet and goat cheese, fresh herbs 40 PLN
Homemade dumplings with meat browned in butter or boiled with grease 30 PLN
Potato blinis with smoked trout, dill mousse, lemon, nigella 40 PLN
Traditional Polish broth, long-cooked with mixed meat and vegetables with home-made pasta, carrot, parsley 20 PLN
Seasonal soup 20 PLN
Europejska soup – specialty of the house, meat, leek, chive oil 25 PLN
Meat dishes / fish
Veal schnitzel fried in clarified butter with mashed potatoes, lemon, and mixed salad vinaigrette 60 PLN
Beef burger with marinated red cabbage, bacon, chive mayonnaise, served with french fries 50 PLN
Corn chicken with baked potatoes, carmelised vegetables, herbs, pesto sause 45 PLN
Polish beef tenderloin steak, burnt butter, vegetable tagliatelle, demi glace sause, fries 110 PLN
Slow-cooked beef cheek in own sause with blanched vegetables, butter, cream, horseradish, mashed potatoes 55 PLN
Zander fillet in white wine served in butter emulsion on black lentils with caramelised vegetables 60 PLN
Roasted pork knuckle served with stewed cabbage, dill and horseradish 65 PLN
Radomianka - local homemade chocolate cake with cream 20 PLN
Tartallette, shortcrust pastry with white chocolate cream, lemon, fruits 20 PLN
Pistachio ice cream with warm cherries 25 PLN
Menu for children
Tomato soup 15 PLN
Chicken chops with roasted potatoes or french fries and cucumber slices with sour cream 25 PLN
Goose marinated in marjoram, roasted whole, served with grilled apples, dumplings fried in butter and redcabbage with raisins in wine (serves 6) 140 PLN/kg
Whole roasted piglet marinated in herbs and stuffed with pork ham. Served in one piecewith buckwheat or grilled potatoes, hunter’s sauce and red cabbage with raisins in wine 25 – 30 kg - 2500


The restaurant is open 15.00 - 22.00

Orders are accepted until 21.45

The bar is open 24h

*** If it is possible, we will prepare for our Guests a dish on request.

*** Ask the waiter about the list of allergens


Occasional events

Occasional events