Chef’s appetizer I 25 PLN

Beef tatar with pickled and yolk I 35 PLN

Mozzarella bufala cheese with cherry and dried tomatoes, olives and basil I 29 PLN

Cesar salad with chicken : lettuce, croutons, chicken,
mustard-honey sauce I 28 PLN

Ravioli with dried tomatoes , tomato sauce with chili I 25 PLN

Veal dumplings served with clarified sage butter I 25 PLN

Shrimps in wine sauce with dried tomatoes, olives, parsley I 45 PLN


Chef soup I 15 PLN

Vichyssoise soup with leek and minced meat I 15 PLN

Broth with dumplings I 15 PLN



Home made tagliatella with salmon I 32 PLN

Home made tagliatelle with arrabiata sauce, olives and Basil I 28 PLN

Meat dishes / Fish

Chef’s dish I 39 PLN

Beef tenderloin with mashed popatoes, stewed onion and pepper sauce I 69 PLN

Wiener schnitzel with lemon, new potatoes, blanched vegetables with butter I 49 PLN

Duck leg confit, cranberries, french potatoes, carmelized apples I 45 PLN

Salmon in wine sauce with leek, black rise, roasted carrots with sugar peas I 49 PLN


Dinner I 44 PLN



Second dish


At 17.00 to 20.00


Chef’s dessert I 15 PLN

Warm cherries in the aroma of rum with kefir ice cream I 15 PLN

Cheesecake with almonds and kajmak I 16 PLN


Menu for the youngest

Broth/tomatoes soup/ home made pasta I 9 PLN


Spaghetii bolognese| 16 PLN


Ice cream with fruits | 9 PLN


The Restaurant is open 12.00 am – 22.00 pm




*** If it is possible, we will prepare for our Guests a dish on request.
*** Ask the waiter about the list of allergens

We invite you to our restaurant: