First, smaller

Steak tartare with smoked egg yolk | 35 PLN

Herring and salad with celery and apples | 23 PLN

Ravioli with sun-dried tomatoesand basil sauce | 25 PLN

Lettuce with blue cheese, caramelized parsnip, compressed apple and walnuts | 28 PLN

Cream soup with carrot and ginger | 13 PLN

Veal dumplings served with clarified sage butter I 25 PLN

Octopus fried in butter with tomatoes and eggplant | 42 PLN

Spicy risotto with black rice and shrimps | 32 PLN

Selection of cheese with pear jam | 19 PLN


Second, bigger


Aglio e olio with home made spaghetti and tomatoes | 27 PLN

Home made tagliatelle with chicken and green pesto sauce | 32 PLN

Spicy shrimps with garlic and ravioli with sun-dried tomatoes | 42 PLN

Beef tenderlion with eggplant puree, demi glace sauce and home made fries | 59 PLN

Roasted salmon with black rice, blanched spinach and citrus sauce | 45 PLN

Chicken supreme, caulilflower puree, caramelized red onions and vegetables braised in butter | 44 PLN

Beef cheek in broth with boiled vegetables | 37 PLN


Third, sweet

Home made sorbets | 8 PLN

Tiramisu | 14 PLN

Chestnut mousse with tempered chocolate and salted caramel | 16 PLN


Fourth, additional


Home made bread with herb butter | 5 PLN


Home made fries | 8 PLN


Boiled vegetables | 8 PLN


Cauliflower puree | 8 PLN


Eggplant puree | 10 PLN


Baked cherry tomatoes | 10 PLN


*** If it is possible, we will prepare for our Guests a dish on request.
*** Ask the waiter about the list of allergens

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